Letters, Releases, Presentation & Proclamation Templates

We are pleased to provide templates for proclamations, letters to the editor and National Rural Health Day presentations that will help promote your efforts and encourage others to “Celebrate the Power of Rural.”  Templates for 2014 will be added beginning in August and up until our celebration on November 20, so be sure to check back regularly!

  • 2014 Media Release Template (ADDED 09.3.14) - Use this helpful template to alert all of your media contacts about National Rural Health Day and your plans to “Celebrate the Power of Rural!”
  • Community Success Story “Tip Sheet (ADDED 09.03.14) - Looking for ideas to help you collect community success stories and share them with others, including NOSORH and state/regional/national media outlets?  This “tip sheet” is a wonderful resource for enhancing your visibility, expanding your network, and getting “more bang for your buck
  • 2014 “Letter to Legislators” Template (ADDED 09.02.14) - This template can be used as a resource for educating legislators about National Rural Health Day and some of the key health-related issues facing rural communities.
  • National Rural Health Day PowerPoint Presentation Template (ADDED 09.02.14) - Have you been asked to make a presentation about National Rural Health Day but aren’t sure where to start?  Never fear – this PowerPoint presentation template should take care of things for you … or at least get you started!